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Natural stone placement

Rock wall and fencing

Stone border seperating natural wooded area

Steps and retaining wall

Natural rock borders

Landscape Construction & Excavation Services

Stone steps and retaining walls seed and sod lawns

Custom Design Builders offers complete landscape construction services. We specialize in rock walls, rock gardens, rock planters and rock waterfalls, and outdoor showers. We also enjoy building natural stone steps and stone retaining walls, cobble stone walls, cobble stone steps and walks.

Stone or Natural Rock

We construct natural rock boarders separating your lawn from your flower beds or wooded areas enhancing the softer planted elements of your property. Our stone or natural rock borders or stone retaining walls help you beautify your yard and enjoy you summertime outdoor lifestyle. We also enjoy building outdoor showers, concrete pool aprons and rock accents for your properties natural landscaping.

Excavation and Landscape

Custom Design Builders also takes care of the excavation and landscape grading, rough preparation for finish grading for seed or sod lawns.

Versa-Loc Products

Construction utilizing Versa-Loc products is a modern alternative to natural stone. We can build your retaining walls or steps with Versa-Loc concrete products.

Rock Walls and Rock Gardens

Custom Design Builders designs and constructs rock walls and rock gardens to enhance your property and provide a unique look. With a trained eye we carefully select and place each rock to maximize the look and beauty of your rock wall or rock garden. We take care to properly landscape and blend the grade for a profession look upon completing your new rock wall or rock garden. Custom Design Builders can design and build your custom rock walls and rock gardens or work with your designs to complete the project within budget restraints and provide the look you envision for your property.